Sitemap Setup Guide

Setting up the Sitemap Page

Firstly you need to install the app and accept the scopes. Once that’s done you will be able to manage the layout of the page.

You can either display the page in a list view or column view. The list view is best used for stores with large amount of active URLS. Columns look neat and tidy for stores with a small inventory and limited page URLS.

Order allows you to define which link categories are displayed first. We usually recommend collections as this is typically what customers are looking for.

Finally you can define the number of products you want to display on the HTML sitemap page. This feature can be used for stores with extremely large inventories. As the sitemap is built on one page, some stores with over 1000 products might experience slow loading times for the page as there’s just so many to load in.

Linking to your Sitemap Page

The next step is to add a link from your Shopify store to the page. Most merchants will add this in the footer of the website.

To do this you will need to go to Online store > Navigation > Footer menu > from there you can paste in your sitemap page URL, which will be in the following format: {{yourdomain}}/tools/sitemap.

Submitting your Sitemap Page to Google Console

We also recommend submitting your XML sitemap (not HTML Sitemap) to Google. You can do this by going to your Google Console account.

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